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Strong principles to become a skilled persuader

This is a classic book on persuasion and a bestseller for many years. What people like about this book are the clear explanations of how to persuade and why the techniques are working from a psychological point of view. The author put a lot of effort into proving the principles with research data and giving examples to ensure the understanding. Another plus is the protection against the same manipulative methods. After reading this book you will be more aware of such manipulative attacks and further you will know how to handle those situations.

In my opinion, the difference to Dales book “How to win friends and influence people” lies in the approach to influence others. Even if there are some overlaps, it can be said that Dales book describes softer strategies of persuasion. It is more about getting a “yes” by being sympatric and building a relationship, while the book “Influence” shows more aggressive techniques of persuasion. Hence on some points, the strategies in this book can be seen as manipulative and harsh.

„You can use small commitments to manipulate a person’s self-image; you can use them to turn citizens into „public servants“, prospects into „customers“, prisoners into „collaborators.“ – Robert B. Cialdini

Topics Robert covers in his book are reciprocation, commitment, and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity.

The downsides of the book are the long detailed explanations, which can be tiring. Additionally, the author could have added a summary of the most important points at the end of each chapter to increase the learning effect and readability.

More than 1770 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.5 Stars out of 5

Target: Anyone but mainly salespeople and Entrepreneurs

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