Why Reading Can Suck

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Why Reading can Suck

Reading has a lot of benefits on our mind. It improves the memory, focus, writing skills and not to forget the knowledge we gain through a book or other Goodreads. Moreover, books are an important resource for self-improvement and professional growth by learning from the author’s experience. All the positive aspects sound pretty good, thus we can assume that we should read as much as we can, right?

Not at all! Reading can suck as well! But why?

Many of us have big ideas and visions we want to realize some day. But most of the time something is holding us back from taking action. Maybe we think it is not the perfect moment like Sean Kim describes in his blog, but what causes this way of thinking? Is it really always the lack of money and time or the feeling of being not skilled enough to do the final step? It might be a combination of all concerns. The fact is that more often than not we are spending a huge amount of time, gaining information on everything that could give us a bit more security before we are taking action.

We read articles like

“How to be a good Entrepreneur”

“How to create the next billion dollar website”

“10 Steps to build the perfect business”

“How to sell water to a fish”

…And so on… Plus all related books we can find, of course.

Nothing is bad with that, but what we do is, we are keeping ourselves busy. As a result of that, we have the feeling to be on the road to success, but actually, we are far away. That sucks! It seems, that we are playing a trick on ourselves.

In conclusion, reading can be a good excuse for never starting anything.

If you want to have success in life, acting is the most important thing. Many successful people preach that. Therefore the next time you pick a book, think twice about the relevance. Don’t keep yourself busy with the wrong things, rather start taking action!

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