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Salesbook Roadmap

Everybody who just started a sales career probably asks himself which recourses are the most valuable to gain knowledge in this particular field, since we don’t want to waste our time by consuming the useless stuff.

There are many articles and blogs that show the best must-reads for salespeople. While that lists of books might offer inspiration, it does not show you a ranking what takes your level into account. So with this article, my aim is to give you a kind of roadmap on books that will help you to transform your selling skills from a beginner level to a high level.

  1. The journey begins:

When you have just started your sales job, what mostly means you have barely knowledge about how to sell, your first goal should be to work on two things: First your mindset, because a huge part of success in sales is related to your own attitude. Secondly the buyer’s mindset. By understanding “why people buy” you will develop the fundamentals to develop your own sales technique later on.

At this level, it is less about developing a pitch or specific questioning techniques that come later. It is more about understanding the wider perspective. In my view, the books Sell or be Sold and The Psychology of Selling are matching the above mentioned.



  1. Getting better:

After understanding which attitude is important and what the customers want, you can dig deeper in the understanding of persuasion. Both books are a bestseller and on many must-read lists. How to win friends and Influence people is about the right interaction and how to win people over your point of view. The other book Influence teaches in some point’s manipulative techniques but also helps to defend oneself from these. Moreover, the book focuses more on psychological explanations and contains many detailed examples. Both books together are a powerful combination.



  1. Time for motivation

This book is a fast read and highly motivating. Learn how to 10X your sales quota and other areas of your life. Sales expert, investor and New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone developed the 10X rule, which resulted towards huge success for him.


  1. Closing deals, objection handling, and sales techniques

After you build solid sales skills by reading the books above you can now start to form your individual sales approach.  The following books provide you with a wide range of strategies, techniques, and examples to do so.




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