Reinvent Yourself



Very inspirational book, packed with a lot of life lessons

For our success, health and happiness it is important that we reflect ourselves and come up with a new version of us. We need to break the status quo, find new paths, try new things, create new ideas and keep growing. Same like artists reinventing themselves over and over again we can and should do it as well. Otherwise, we will miss a lot of opportunities which could make our life better.

In his book Reinvent Yourself, James Altucher packed his lessons learned, great advices and wisdom in small individual chapters. His honest, straightforward writing style without any sugarcoating is brilliant and sets this book apart from other life coaching books.

James Altucher is a serial entrepreneur, who has started over 20 businesses. Also, he is a successful blogger and author of 18 books, including the bestseller choosing Yourself.

“Thinking keeps the adventures of life bottled in your head. Action makes you a hero.” – James Altucher

More than 80 Reviews on Amazon (US) – 4,5 Stars out of 5

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