The Psychology of Selling – Brian Tracy

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Sales and success principles for newcomers

Brian Tracy is a legend in the field of sales. This book is a Goodread for all beginner salespeople and a great refresh for advanced salespeople since the book provides a wide overview of all parts of the sales process.

Learn what is important on the way to becoming a top salesperson. In this book, Brian Tray discusses the mental attitude, prospecting, sales calls, trust building, setting appointments, dealing with fear and failure, overcome resistance and objections, general success strategies, time management, customer needs and many other subjects. Truly a great book in the field of sales. 

„People buy because of the way they anticipate feeling as a result of owning and using your product or service“ – Brian Tracy

More than 100 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4,7 Stars out of 5

Target: Salespeople


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Sales & Marketing

A clear compass through the process of persuasion

Tom Hopkins book is different in many ways. Some sales books can be disappointing and confusing, since the content switches a lot between the stages of  sales process. This unfavourable shifts you will not find in this book. “When the buyers say No” gives you a super clear guide through the whole sales process or how he says  “the circle of persuasion. In doing so Tom totally focuses on the sales presentation itself, from the first report establishment over to exploring the buyers needs, presenting solutions until the final yes.  Follow-up or prospecting strategies are not covert.

Tom Hopkins is known as one of the world’s top leading sales trainer and  author of eighteen books.

29 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4,2 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Salesman, business owner

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Sales techniques for any situation

New technology has changed our sales process significantly over the past years but still the process of capturing attention through words, building trust and interpersonal relationships either in person or on the phone is the same as before. This book is a summary of proven sales techniques. With more than 40 years of experience and 400 thousand salespeople he trained and worked with, Rick Wilcoxon is the right address if you want to move your sales-skills to the next level. In total the book covers 111 independent proved concepts from the real world for every stage of the sales process. The independent section makes it very easy to learn read and adopt. 

24 customer reviews on Amazon US– 5 stars out of 5

Target: Salesman who work in direct sales, Entrepreneurs, Manager

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Predictable Revenue – Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine

Sales & Marketing

Build a consistent unbeatable Sales-System

If you have ever asked yourself what is the difference between your sales organization and the top performing sales organizations, this book might be the answer. The sales cycle can be complex and contains many traps for mistakes, starting by painful planning mistakes, wrong metrics, thinking the channel will sell for you and hiring poorly, just to name a few.

What we want is a high productivity sales organization, but to get there it needs more than a “work harder” and “make more calls” standpoint. Aaron Ross created an entirely new inside sales process, which was prior responsible for the success of In his book, he details the process and technics how to archive outstanding success and transform your sales organization into a sales machine.

„In high-productive sales organizations, salespeople do not cause customer acquisition growth, they fulfill it.“ – Aaron Ross 


More than 260 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4.4 out of 5 stars

Target: Outbound Sales Organizations, VP of Sales, Head of Sales, Sales Manger, CEOs, Salesman, Startups

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