Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

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Strong principles to become a skilled persuader

This is a classic book on persuasion and a bestseller for many years. What people like about this book are the clear explanations of how to persuade and why the techniques are working from a psychological point of view. The author put a lot of effort into proving the principles with research data and giving examples to ensure the understanding. Another plus is the protection against the same manipulative methods. After reading this book you will be more aware of such manipulative attacks and further you will know how to handle those situations.

In my opinion, the difference to Dales book “How to win friends and influence people” lies in the approach to influence others. Even if there are some overlaps, it can be said that Dales book describes softer strategies of persuasion. It is more about getting a “yes” by being sympatric and building a relationship, while the book “Influence” shows more aggressive techniques of persuasion. Hence on some points, the strategies in this book can be seen as manipulative and harsh.

„You can use small commitments to manipulate a person’s self-image; you can use them to turn citizens into „public servants“, prospects into „customers“, prisoners into „collaborators.“ – Robert B. Cialdini

Topics Robert covers in his book are reciprocation, commitment, and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity.

The downsides of the book are the long detailed explanations, which can be tiring. Additionally, the author could have added a summary of the most important points at the end of each chapter to increase the learning effect and readability.

More than 1770 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.5 Stars out of 5

Target: Anyone but mainly salespeople and Entrepreneurs

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You get paid when you close deals

Imagine you are in front of you customer a few steps away from closing a big deal. Finally you missed this important deal because of an unexpected scenario like an objection you could not handle. Tons of salespeople out there know this situation and they are losing money every day because they do not know how to overcome it. If you are a beginner in sales or one of the top closers, this book is worth for all kind of levels. The self-made millionaire, motivational speaker and sales coach Grant Cardone gives you closing techniques for almost every scenario, which allows you to overcome objections and make the sale.   

More than 100 customer  reviews on Amazon US – 4,6 Stars out of 5

Target: Salespeople, Entrepreneurs


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The Conversion Code

Sales & Marketing

Master the Online Lead Generation Game

Nowadays your customers are facing an information-overloaded environment caused by the constant usage of social media, Tv, smart phones and Co. Customers are way less loyal than decades before and the options they have in terms of with whom they do business are rising every day. Hence, the time for you to grab someone’s attention is seconds and turning them into customers who actually buy your product is hard effort and a lot of work. If you have already a business, I am sure this sounds familiar to you. What is our solution? You might have heard about landing pages, blogs or Facebook ads to capture leads but you still have a vague idea how to use these tools.

„Business increased by over 100% in 12 month“

„Within no time we were getting 100,000+ page views per month“

The conversion code is powerful business literature, packed with concepts, technics and formulas to improve your online lead generation and grow your business. Building catchy landing pages, learn advanced Facebook marketing and advertising techniques and strategies that drive massive traffic, represents just a little part of what you will get. Chris completes his business book by showing you the right formulas to check analytics and metrics of your digital marketing activities, which is often a underestimated topic.

More than 140 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4,8 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Marketing,

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Get better at dealing with clients, business partner, family and friends

Imagine you would always knows how to responds in any situation and persuade by letting other people thinking out the conclusion. The book has eight chapters and each focus on a different area of the right way of dealing with people. This is not about unfair manipulation, rather the handy tips can make your relationships with people more fun and a winning situation for both parties. The concepts will not only work in business, they work also in politics or family life. 


More than 4900 customer reviews on Amazon US  –  4.7 Stars out of 5

Target: Everybody who wants to improve interpersonal relationships

Recommended by: Warren Buffett


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Sales & Marketing

We are all working in sales

Whether it is selling your idea to the boss, your product, your business plan or your personal skills to a recruiter. Sales is not limited to the sales job alone, in fact every day we are facing situations in which we need to persuade someone. Moreover we are not trying to beat only the person next to us, we are now, thanks to globalization, competing on a global base. Competition is huge and so need to be our skills. Grant explains you for instance how to handle distrust, what to say in particular during a sales conversation, why it is important to give, how to stay in the deal till you close, how to manage time and why a your attitude is worth more than your product. 

More than 250 Reviews on Amazon US – 4,7 Stars out of 5  

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