Are you taking the right level of action to reach your goals?

The level of action towards a goal directs how fast you will reach success and how successful you will be.

Grant Cardone made himself a millionaire by the age of 30, coming from zero.  As he says, in his mid 20s he was on the bottom but by applying the 10X rule he could archive massive success. By now he is known as one of the top influencer and Entrepreneur. With the 10X rule you develop a work ethic, which cause you to operate your business and your life on a massive scale of action. In this book Grant takes you through the reasons why it is fundamental to take high levels of action and how you can apply directly in your life.

More than 700 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4.6 stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Manager, Business Owner

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How to Win at the Sport of Business – Mark Cuban


The fascinating story and advises of billionaire Mark Cuban

If you want to be rich, if you are living the entrepreneurial lifestyle 100% and if you are the one who is always looking for new improving input and the next good read to push your momentum and motivation even higher, this is the right book for you.

„If you aren’t happy with where you are, simplify your life and go out and try as many things as it takes to find what you may be destined to be“ – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, he is a self-made billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and investor at the famous TV-Show Shark Tank.  The 82 pages of How to win at the sport of business are packed with straightforward business lessons and advises from his personal experience, including nice summaries like “12 mantras for success” and Marks rules for Startups. The high number of customer reviews on Amazon underline the value of this book for entrepreneurs.

More than 840 customer reviews on Amazon (US) – 4,5 Stars out of 5 

Target: Entrepreneurs


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Start your business without making painful mistakes

If you are thinking about an business idea for the first time and you are about to bring it to market, the situation can be very confusing, since you are faced with a lot of not answered questions around your business concept. When is my product ready to launch, how to get a first feedback on the product, what resources do I really need to start and when exactly I should hire labor, are just a few questions you will have when you are just starting out. The book is written by Entrepreneurs, which found themselves in the same situation as you might do now. They discovered the best practice by making mistakes you can avoid by following their advices.

More than 900 customer reviews on Amazon (US) – 4,3 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Freelancer and Small Business Owner


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Deep Work – Rules for focused success in a distracted world


Improve concentration, focus and productivity

To be laser focused on one task for a particular timeframe is for most of us an unknown situation, since we are steadily interrupted by incoming messages, colleagues at work, social media checking routine or simple daydreaming. For those who wish to get more work done in the same hours but can ‘t because of lack of focus, this book might be the solution. Cal Newport explains different methods and techniques how the overachiever in this world are keeping themselves laser focused and as a result getting high quality results.


More that 300 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4,7 Stars out of 5

Target: Everybody who needs to be highly focused


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Great book on how to design a successful business model

For those who run a business or starting a company, thinking through the business model is key in order to find improvements, errors, or new creative business models. What key activities does your business need? Are you taking all possible sales channel into account, what is your unique value proposition and how does your cost structure looks like? The book teaches you nine basics modules of a business model displayed in one canvas. The canvas makes it easy to apply the concepts to your current or new business. To understand the whole concept better the authors break down successful business models like the one from Google, Nintendo or Apple. Good working book for anyone who wants to build a successful business.

More than 690 customer reviews on Amazon US  – 4,5 Stars out of 5 

Target: Entrepreneurs, Business owner


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