The one thing


Learn how to reach extraordinary results in life


In one-way or another we are all searching fort he one thing that brings us outstanding success in life. The author has discovered an approach to be super successful. It works for him and it could also work for you.


The book „The ONE thing“ describes how to find the one thing out of all other possibilities, you have to do, in order to get extraordinary result regards your goal. Its all about the one thing that matters the most. To find this crucial thing you need to ask the right questions and before asking the right question you need to break the big picture, your big idea/goal down to a specific field. Only there you can find the focus and the one thing that will later affect the big idea.


The last part of the book is about the importance of having a purpose, priority, productivity and the connection between those.


The book touches many topics that are relevant for people who want an extraordinary life. Further it explains how to implement the things that had been said, what makes it a great source for your daily life.


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Good to Great


Build a great company with the right pattern

Jim Collins and his team have done a tremendous amount of research to find the recurring pattern of great companies. Imagine if we could follow patterns to secure lasting success. Many startup failures could have been avoided by following the right steps and beware mistakes. Even though every company’s journey is individual and therefore it is difficult to identify general rules, but anyhow, Collins took the challenge.

After five years of research, he published the book Good to Great in 2001. Until now the book sold over 3 million copies and became a best-seller.

Jim Collins and his research team investigated and compared insights of Fortune 500 companies, which started under the same conditions but showed different kinds of success after decades. The process included analysis of articles, a ton of interviews and stock exchange data. Furthermore, they focused on corporate culture, strategy, innovation, employees, change management and leadership.

The results of the work are the most important characteristics and concepts, which great companies have in common packed in one book.

“You absolutely do not need to be in a great industry to produce sustained great results.”  – Jim Collins

More than 1700 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.4 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Business owner


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The Will to Win – Robert Herjavec


The will to Win Learn how to be a great Entrepreneur by example

If you are one of the sharks who is investing in Startup’s on ABCs TV Show Shark Tank, it means you made it, at least from the financial point of view. Robert Herjavec is one of the investors on the famous TV Show, but what is more impressive is his history how he became successful coming from Croatia as an immigrant. He started at zero and created through hard work several IT companies with millions in sales. He is a true Entrepreneur from whom we can learn a lot about business, leadership, and lifestyle.


 “ We each get from life what we make out of it” – Robert Herjavec


With an expository writing stile, he explains what is important when it comes down to business. Especially this book is for all the Entrepreneurs out there who wants to know what is needed to create an outstanding company, being a good leader or finding the right employees for example.

To sum it up he shares a ton of great advice and lessons in his book “The will to win”. For those who are searching a book, which covers relevant business lessons and advises on self-improvement in one book, this might be a Goodreads for you.

More than 35 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.6 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Leader



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Fuel your mind with the obsession you need to reach your goals

How do you escape from the average lifestyle? How do you build the discipline to archive your biggest dreams?

Like many others out there you might be trapped in a nine to five job, you might feel unmotivated, unproductive and you are struggling to stay focus on your goals and ambitions. On the other side, you see people who are obsessed with their business, money, and success. These people are on the way to success, living their dreams, making a ton of money, traveling around the world and having fun.

„Haters are going to hate, while the obsessed are going to create.“ – Grant Cardone 

If you are interested in success and financial freedom the chances that you never heard of Grant Cardone is pretty low. However, Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, social media personality, business innovator and one of the most obsessed with success person I have ever seen.

Grant experienced the downside in life, which among others contains drug addiction and debt in the early years of his life. Coming from a middle-class family he made the mental shift, which led him to a lifestyle of happiness and financial freedom. Now he knows that average is a failing formula and being obsessed is highly important to reach goals and not a disease.

In this book, Grant Cardone will encourage you to think about your life as well through your business organization and gives you many lessons, which are directly implementable. Learn how to be obsessed, how to stay focused and become highly successful.

Like his other books sell or be sold or the 10X rule, this book is entertaining, inspiring and worth every penny.

More than 350 customer reviews on Amazon US  – 4.8 Stars out of 5

Target: Anyone


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Think like a Millionaire and other success principles

Sometimes Alex , who makes his millions in online marketing, wakes up at 10:00 and drives with his Ferrari to the grocery store while everybody else is in the office. Other days he gets up at 4:00 in the morning to work on his business. Simply he lives by his own schedule. Do you want the same kind of freedom in life? Than you should take his written word to heart. Alex clearly points out in each of the 10 pillars what it takes to create financial freedom with a business. 

„Just like in life, if you do the same thing over and over again in business, nothing will ever change or grow“ – Alex Becker 

Among other principles he explains why to separate time from money is important, why you should forget the “what if” and concentrate on the “what is”, why going through hard times is crucial for your business and life, how you design your plan to action and on what your focus should be on. This book is worth to read if your goal is financial freedom and business growth.

More than 250 customer reviews on Amazon US – 4.9 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs 

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