The Will to Win – Robert Herjavec


The will to Win Learn how to be a great Entrepreneur by example

If you are one of the sharks who is investing in Startup’s on ABCs TV Show Shark Tank, it means you made it, at least from the financial point of view. Robert Herjavec is one of the investors on the famous TV Show, but what is more impressive is his history how he became successful coming from Croatia as an immigrant. He started at zero and created through hard work several IT companies with millions in sales. He is a true Entrepreneur from whom we can learn a lot about business, leadership, and lifestyle.


 “ We each get from life what we make out of it” – Robert Herjavec


With an expository writing stile, he explains what is important when it comes down to business. Especially this book is for all the Entrepreneurs out there who wants to know what is needed to create an outstanding company, being a good leader or finding the right employees for example.

To sum it up he shares a ton of great advice and lessons in his book “The will to win”. For those who are searching a book, which covers relevant business lessons and advises on self-improvement in one book, this might be a Goodreads for you.

More than 35 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.6 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Leader



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