What is your one thing? 

In one-way or another we are all searching for the one thing that brings us outstanding success in life. The author has discovered an amazing approach to narrow down your to do’s to one thing.

The book „The ONE thing“ describes how to find that one thing out of all other possibilities, you have to do, in order to get extraordinary results according to your defined goal. It’s all about the one thing that matters the most. To find this crucial thing you need to ask the right questions and before asking the right question you need to break the big picture, what means your big idea or goal, down to a specific field. Only at that point, you can find the focus and the one thing that will later affect the big idea.

In total, it can be said, that the book touches many topics that are really relevant for people who want an extraordinary and highly productive life. Further, the author teaches step by step how to implement the things that had been said, what gives it a workbook character.


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