Good to Great


Build a great company with the right pattern

Jim Collins and his team have done a tremendous amount of research to find the recurring pattern of great companies. Imagine if we could follow patterns to secure lasting success. Many startup failures could have been avoided by following the right steps and beware mistakes. Even though every company’s journey is individual and therefore it is difficult to identify general rules, but anyhow, Collins took the challenge.

After five years of research, he published the book Good to Great in 2001. Until now the book sold over 3 million copies and became a best-seller.

Jim Collins and his research team investigated and compared insights of Fortune 500 companies, which started under the same conditions but showed different kinds of success after decades. The process included analysis of articles, a ton of interviews and stock exchange data. Furthermore, they focused on corporate culture, strategy, innovation, employees, change management and leadership.

The results of the work are the most important characteristics and concepts, which great companies have in common packed in one book.

“You absolutely do not need to be in a great industry to produce sustained great results.”  – Jim Collins

More than 1700 customer reviews on Amazon (US)  – 4.4 Stars out of 5

Target: Entrepreneurs, Business owner


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